Private Products

We know there are many variable circumstance and conditions in every region, that is why we offer an array of products. Some products may not meet the needs of select regions and therefore, our Private Products are not available in all regions. Check them out below.

Base Price Modifier (BPM)

The Base Price Modifier policy allows insureds the opportunity to increase the price election under eligible plans. We offer a BPM policy for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat and a BPM policy for California Tree Nuts.

Price Modifier PLUS (PM+)

The Price Modifier PLUS (PM+) policy allows insureds the opportunity to increase their price election, PLUS increase their coverage with each incremental decrease in price.

Forward Contract Insurance Protection (FCIP)

Protect your crop from the beginning! With our exclusive supplemental plan, Forward Contract Insurance Protection (FCIP), you’ll be able to take advantage of the market conditions as they happen.


MPowerD allows the policyholder to complement the risk coverage of Margin Protection through additional crop price discovery methods beyond those offered under the Margin Protection plan of insurance.


RPowerD can establish a higher net revenue trigger and bushel trigger available to those who buy individual plans of insurance. Our supplemental RPowerD product gives Revenue Protection policyholders the opportunity for more revenue than insuring with Revenue Protection alone.


NAU EASYrev offers MPCI policyholders the opportunity to complement the risk coverage of revenue policies through additional price discovery methods beyond those offered under the MPCI plans of insurance.

Replant Option (RO)

Although most Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policies include replant coverage, it may not cover all of your expenses for replanting. You can offset some of your replanting costs in excess of those covered by your underlying MPCI policy with our Supplemental Replant Option (RO) insurance.

Crop Insurance Bundle Policy

The Crop Insurance Bundle Policy will provide coverage for some of the most common perils in one policy, offering a discount when compared to the same products purchased separately.